Here are a few words from our quests

“We thought the whole evening was a fantastic setting with delicious food in spectacular premises. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The sun set over Copenhagen and the terrace offered a magical feeling. We will gladly come back as guests to you during future events.”

Magnus Lundberg
Regional Manager, Prevex AB

“We thought it was a beautiful interior with a magical sea view from the viewpoint. Very good food, good wine and great atmosphere.”

Martina Jensen & Jonna Anderberg
Event with S:t Petri gymnasium in Malmo

“Sveaskolan has celebrated its 10th anniversary with all students in grades 6 to 9 at Luftkastellet.
We are so very happy to give them our strongest recommendations as we have rarely or never seen an organization that has been so agile and professional in its execution. For us, it was important that the students who helped organize were involved in all aspects. The staff at Luftkastellet took great care to ensure our wish was met, for which we are especially grateful.
Catharina Elgh

Principal, Svea School (Sveaskolan)