Party with extra everything!

Luftkastellet with its fantastic views and exceptional architecture offers great opportunities for festivities. We can accommodate both a small number of guests as well as huge ones!

For the small to medium crowd we can screen off parts of the venue – such as our beautiful upper floor – to create the perfect space for your guests. If the list of invited guests are pages long, we use our full capacity of 800 seated guests at long tables or 450 seated guests at round tables. Either way, we are sure to find you a perfect solution regardless of your number of guests!

However, the location and venue is not all there is: We will decorate the venue according to your wishes, and if flowers or other supplies are needed we have a wide network of contacts and are happy to help you plan your party.

With our staff on site, the evening will run smoothly. We will serve food from our professional kitchen and keep the bar open to all guests. We make sure that the dance floor is packed, and if there’s a schedule for the evening we make sure the night goes on as planned.

DJ? Band? Or some other entertainment perhaps? We can of course help you arrange with the entertainment as well!

We will provide everything you need to make the party an experience the guests will never forget! Together with you we’ll put together a proposal which includes everything from transport to entertainment and the menu. We look forward to hearing from you to talk about what we can do for you and your party!