We want Luftkastellet to be a place where people meet and build relationships. Through us, you as an event agency can offer the client an extraordinary venue – a venue with exciting architecture and a completely unique view of the ocean and the Oresund Bridge. What better place for meetings and people coming together, than a view of a bridge connecting two countries? At Luftkastellet, the scenic view alone is enough to set the mood for a successful event!

We collaborate with several event companies already, and offer both full service packages as well as simpler arrangements. By choosing us, you choose quality throughout the entire execution of the event: from the planning to the service and the delicious food. Our passion is to create experiences that are always beyond what’s expected, which may be the reason why many agencies hire us time and time again.

In addition to our unique building, many choose us due to our fantastic kitchen, where we use only the finest ingredients to create sensational and delicious experiences.

We host everything from anniversary celebration to product launches and kick-offs. As we have a capacity of 800 guests at long tables, we can accommodate large events as well. In addition to our indoor premises, we also have vast outdoor premises with endless possibilities.


We can either arrange all aspects of the event, or just certain parts of it. Depending on what your event agency and your client is looking for, you decide which suits you best. With our large network of suppliers, we can get a hold of everything needed for a successful event.

Get in touch with us and we’ll set up a meeting. Together we can create events and experiences that build relationships and strengthen brands.