Our kitchen

Our kitchen is not classic French or Italian, but we of course sometimes draw inspiration from, for example, Provence’s aromatic exuberance or Tuscan’s well-known delights, but always according to our own temperament and in our own, unique combinations.

What drives us is our love for the food. However, it’s not a mindless infatuation; our food always consists of equal parts passion and reason. Passion for taste, aroma and feeling, and with reason and knowledge to fulfil your wishes and requests.

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(The kitchen at Luftkastellet is not open to the public or drop-in guests, as it is only available to those renting the venue.)

Our head chef Emil puts great emphasis on the ingrediens

A large proportion of organic and locally produced will be found on the menu when Emil chooses the ingredients. The ingredients are carefully selected and of the highest quality, ensuring a great meal is never far away. We cook everything from scratch and follow the seasons, making our menus both environmentally friendly and filled with fresh flavours!

To heighten the experience further, we will of course pair drinks with the food for you as well. (We are fully licensed to provide alcoholic beverages.)


Our head chef Emil Rosencrantz helps you combine your wishes with our knowledge. The result becomes a fusion of Nordic traditions, exotic flavours and new influences. Accompanied by and based on carefully selected first-class ingredients of the season.

Emil has extensive experience in the industry with his 12 years as a chef at roughly 30 different restaurants in Sweden and around the world. In addition to the more than 500 events he has carried out during his 6 years at Luftkastellet, he has also been the head chef at “Salt och Brygga” in Malmo’s Västra Hamnen and worked in the kitchen at many of the largest event restaurants in the region such as the Jägersro horse track and Malmo Arena.

Abroad, Emil has served his food to guests in Denmark, Greece, Austria, France and England. During his time in England he worked at three Michelin restaurants in London: Dinner by Heston (**), The Green House (**) and Wild Honey (*). In England he’s also been the head chef for the world famous artists’ VIP areas at the major festivals Reading, Latitude and Leeds – where he, with his own team of Swedish chefs, served over 3000 guests in three days.

When Emil is not in the kitchen or arranging events, he likes to be out in nature and fish or hunt – which of course goes hand in hand with his passion for food.